Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mac Photos Flickr upload problem

Recently I upgraded my iPhotos to Photos. As most humans, we tend to be resistant to change. I was quite hesitant about it, but it was a matter of time before iPhotos get phased out and it's about time iPhotos got some upgrade.

I feel more comfortable with the side bar (I also show the side bar for iTunes), but I'm not organising them into albums anymore since they don't have the option for me to sort them. So I'll just stick to the  Moments/Location/Year views.

I also realised the thumbnails (when zoomed out) of my photos look corrupted and they are not reflecting the correct photos. I haven't managed to solve that yet.

But the problem I want to talk about in this post is about uploading to Flickr. I realised that when I right click on the photos to upload them, sometimes they would show the Flickr option and sometimes it wouldn't. After lots of trial and errors, here are what I found out.

Scenarios when the Flickr option wouldn't show:

1. 100 or more photos are selected

100 photos selected

When selecting 99, it has the Flickr option

2. Videos are selected

I also realised that when trying to upload more than 50 photos at 1 go, it causes the upload to hang and no photos get uploaded at all. The sweet spot is any number below 50.


Select less than 50 photos with no videos, and your upload to Flickr should work fine. Hopefully. ;)

Here's my Photos version and I'm running on OS X Yosemite.

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