Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer in Europe 09

Ok i'm back to Singapore, again. :P i guess many of you would have realized by now, but i'm just putting it down for the record. for good? yes. i'm always back for good, it's just that i was over to Stockholm over the spring for a short work trip. ;)

i've always enjoyed being in Stockholm. the weather is amazing, cool and dry unlike in Singapore where you sweat like you're dispensing water. the people there are amazing, beautiful and extremely friendly. and of course, the fact that it's in Europe!

this time, it was a short 7 week trip back to Europe during my school holidays. it's not exactly a holiday trip for me, but a work trip for my company. they decided to fly me back to work with them during my school holidays, and of course while i'm there, i take the opportunity to travel! ;) so for my 1st 6 weeks, i was working in Stockholm and the next 1 week, i was in Prague and Budapest. during my 1 year in Stockholm in 2008, i travelled mainly to central and western Europe, so this time i went to visit eastern Europe. the eastern side is much more cheaper with an old charm to it. time was short while i was there, spending only 3.5 days in Prague and 3 days in Budapest. But it was great while it lasted and i made some cool new friends too. i hope to go back there and also to the other countries like Poland and Croatia as well. i'll save that for my next trip. ;)

i have a few people and friends requesting for some of my trips itinerary and info. so i'm wondering if i should blog about my individual trips to the various cities i've been to. i think that would be rather useful for those wanting to go Europe. sigh. i would love to do that, if i can find the time for it... :P meanwhile, you can look @ my photos/videos and see which are the places that interest you and i can share with you more about it.

you can view the photos of the places i visited in a map view here.

Summer chillout with colleagues

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