Monday, April 20, 2009

Bleeding for a cause

If i saw and heard correctly, this should be my 5th time or would have already donated 5 times previously. As much as i can, i try to donated my blood at least once every year. It's for a good cause.

For those who haven't donated before, i would strongly recommend you to if your health permits. It's not really that painful or scary and your blood will definitely replenish, so don't worry about not having enough blood. Think of the thousands of times you fell or injured yourself and bled profusely, including those times you can't recall when you're a child, your body would then generate more blood. I guess it's the needles, or the fear of it that stops people. But just don't look at it won't be so bad. Although you could feel some pricking in your arm, but pain is not any stronger than an ant's bite. So go donate at the next drive! And for those 1st timers, you'll get a "Please be nice to me, this is my first time." sticker to get a 5-star loving treatment from all staff. ;) You can always find out more info from Redcross or HSA.

This photo is taken with my iPhone. And yes, for the uninitiated, I've finally gotten my iPhone. ;) And I must say, this is the best phone I've ever used. For a techie like me, it has all the features, customization and community support that an IT geek would need. But if you're looking for a simple phone and you don't intend to get a data plan with it, then I would recommend you not to get it as it defeats the objective of it being an internet phone. Ok, I'll probably talk more about the iPhone another time. Meanwhile you can check out the iPhone page for all the cool features it has, and not forgetting all the applications you can download!

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