Friday, February 27, 2009

Back for good?

Hi guys! I'm back. back in Singapore to be more specific. ;) Yes back to $3 SGD (17 SEK) meals as compared to $15 SGD (80 SEK) meals in Stockholm, back to local yummy food like char kway teow, chwee kway, won ton mee, prata and not just pasta, pizza or kebab, back to my church, family, friends and my darling! But definitely not glad to be back to 30℃ temperatures with 70% humidity! Nonetheless, it's great to be back home after being away for the whole of 2008. I've been back for about a month plus already and have been doing quite a lot of catch up and meet up with friends. And one of the most common question i get is,"So, are you back for good?". I guess i've been away for too long that people think i've decided to migrate over. :P But yes, i'm back for good. ;) It was really sad when i had to leave Stockholm. My church and my company there was like my family during my 1 year stay. for the record, i was doing an internship and exchange programme there rather than going there for my full-time studies.

so what's been going on now? well, i'm back to school in NUS. and no i have not graduated yet as most people would think so. unfortunately, or fortunately, i will be in school till june 10 before i graduate. and while i'm at it, i'm still working part-time with my swedish company, adding on to my usual hectic singaporean-chc lifestyle. ;) but i love my company, and they love me too! so i'm glad to be onboard their team.

actually i have alot to blog about regarding my recent winter trip around europe, but haven't really found the time (or set aside the time as some people would insist to phrase it) to go about doing it. so just make do with looking at my photos while i trying to set aside some time (if i have) for it soon. which might be... never? :P

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