Thursday, November 13, 2008

You've got new mail!

i've got a huge mail in my mail box today!

and it was really exciting to check out what it was even though i roughly knew what it was going to be.


and no, it's not THAT adult pack filled with all kinds of "educational" videos inside. it was the ONE UNITED manchester united membership pack!


they've got the membership card, pen, yearbook, playing cards, dvd and some other random stuffs. kinda neat actually.

and not only that, i also managed to get my match tix for this weekend too! such accurate timing. ok, after all the trouble, my manchester united trip is finally confirmed! pls no more screw ups! sigh.. and in times like these, my boss would always like to ask me, "what could possibly go wrong?" and i always reply him, "you don't wana know!".

old trafford, here i come! ;)

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