Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Jacketless Day

yesterday, i was rushing out of the house to catch my bus only to realise that i forgot to wear my jacket when i was at the bus stop. by that time, i was too late to turn back as the bus was arriving, which was my initial reason for rushing. spring is here anyway, so it won't be that bad without a jacket today. boy was i wrong...

upon arriving at the office, my colleague was telling me that he wore 2 jackets and a scarf, he still felt that it was cold... but it really wasn't that be that morning. but came afternoon, it started to drizzle. bad sign. and come evening, i decided to head back early and not to OT that late. well, recently i've got quite a few heavy work projects to rush, thus my daily OT. anyways, it was a good thing i didn't stay that late as it won't be that cold as the sun was still out. and when i was reaching back, it started to drizzle snow, hairy hairy snow... spring? snow..? boy was it cold! it sure was a bad day to forget a jacket. 

and the next morning, i kept reminding myself to wear my jacket as IT SNOW LAST NIGHT! spring... snow?? man.. something's really wrong.

this weekend i'm heading to tallinn on a cruise... looking forward to that. ;)

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