Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stockholm Day 1

Hi guys, i'm currently in stockholm and the temperature here is 4 degrees celsius. the time here is 7 hours behind singapore time. but i'm feeling really sleepy now @ 11pm due to the 3 hr flight from sg to bangkok & another 11 hrs to stockholm. had a long day of sight seeing and shopping. more of sight seeing and trying to brave the cold...

ok.. i really need to get some shut eye. will share more again. meantime, just check out the photos...

but i just wana say a BIG thanx to one and all who were down @ the airport to see me off and those who sent their regards to me. i felt REALLY blessed and loved... thanx guys. i'm starting to miss home, family, friends and my dearest darling already!

ok.. till tmr.. nites.. ;)

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