Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow in Sweden!

This week in stockholm was great. it snowed on tuesday. it was lovely.. and the snow really had the snow flakes shaped that you all always see.. it's really amazing!

i took this on my way to work. i'll have to walk through a mini forest..

yes and that's julia, my school mate in the same company as me. and know wat? on our way to the tunnelbana (mrt), we met some rabbits! cool rite?

and this is the pier leading to our office... btw my office is on a boat.. ;)

there are a few boats here.. and some of them are residential areas...

here's my office.. and on the 1st day, there were swans swimming beside me.. cool rite?

been busy at work, but the environment's really good and relaxing with such and awesome view! apart from work, i'm been doign lotsa shopping and sight seeing during the weekends.. esp to the different isalnds..

on the bridge to a connecting island...

that's one of the museums on the island. it cost abt SGD $15 to enter. but it's free on wed nite, so we're gng there then instead..

then we saw lots of duckies in the water too.. i wonder how they survive the cold water man...

and that's us.. leaving the island..

that's my 1st attempt to cook in my life. and guess what was my 1st dish? thai green curry! hah.. ambitous right? well they say we've gota aim for the stars... at worst kena swedish purple curry only mah.. heh.. ;) and it was a success and loved by many, except for one. all thanx to accurate instructions behind the curry paste. so it was an encouragement for me to start cooking!

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