Monday, January 28, 2008

My Very 1st Self Cooked Dinner!

after having been here for 2 weeks, i kinda felt that i was mentally prepared to start cooking. "you mean you haven't started cooking yet?" yeah i haven't... xP so i decided to make my own meal! ;)

and on monday, i made my very own dinner for the 1st time in my life! not counting the millions of packets of instant noodles i always make.

and what was my dinner? a recipe from my mama to make dry pasta, of which i just improvised and dump whatever i could find in the kitchen. xP

Main course:

Fried Hotdog Pasta in Soy Sauce.

Green Apple

Free flow orange juice

- Pasta was kinda hard, oily and sweet
- Hotdogs weren't really cooked
- Apple was crunchy and sour
- Orange juice was nice

i guess the nicer part of my dinner was the apple and orange juice i bought... heh... well at least my food was edible and it had taste. (read taste of salt and soy sauce)

man i was so lost in the kitchen. didn't know what utensils to use, how much pasta to put and how long to fry the garlic and hot dog for. it was the kind of feeling where you woke up in the middle of the jungle and had no handphone or money on you. ok maybe not that extreme, but somewhere along that line...

my mum just said, fry the garlic with oil. throw in some meat and then fry the pasta with it. put some spices and chicken stock if you have.

but i didn't have meat or spices or chicken stock. so i replaced it with what i had, hotdog, salt and soy sauce. it tasted funny, but it was a good start. xP

the next day, i tried doing that at work for lunch too. but somehow it turned out worse, it tasted kinda bland. =\

so i decided to try again for dinner. but i was kinda lazy to fry the stuffs, so i used a pre-made sauce from the bottle. it looks kinda gross, but it tasted better than my partially cooked hot dog the previous night. ;)

on wed, i didn't cook as i was out with my friends to check out a museum. of which i'll get to that in another entry.

so today i decide to cook again! and guess what i cooked for dinner? PASTA! again... must practice. practice makes perfect. and along the way, i'll just have to endure my not so yummy results..

but today wasn't too bad either, i made carbonara pasta. cool rite? but the sauce was from a pack. heh.. xP eh but still had to mix it with milk and cook it leh.. and i think today's dinner was the best of the 3.

i got an idea for my next meal already. CHEESE PASTA! heh...

tomorrow my corridor's having dinner together. we're kinda like having pot-luck. each person cooking something and we'll all sit down and share our food. i'm still thinking what should i cook tmr. either curry chicken, bak kut teh or lemon chicken.. fierce right? cos i've got the sauce packets. ;) or maybe just my carbonara pasta... i'm still thinking.. we'll see.. ;)

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