Tuesday, December 18, 2007

season of giving?

this year, my christmas shopping has mellowed down. not much hype as the past few years. 2 main reasons. one having no cash this season. it's been a tight, busy and rough going year this time around. but i guess the main reason cos none of my friends really have the habit of blessing others with gifts during this time of the year. for the past few years, i've been really excited and constantly getting gifts for my friends, but nothing in return from most of them year after year. it gets kinda disappointing. but oh well, like they always say, you can't expect everyone to be and think like you. but i'll definitely get cards for my friends. though poor & disappointed, i'm still a giving person! ;)

so this year, i'll just concentrate on my darling and the various gift exchange programmes that i'm invovled in. it's still gng to be a great christmas nonetheless, and busy of course.

with all the christmas celebrations, end year celebrations and the meeting up with my friends, this dec will be especially busy.

btw, do check out the videos of DreamFactory past performances which i just uploaded on youtube, check them out here, http://youtube.com/kennethjayden.

here's one of the videos...

DreamFactory - Witness (Live @ HardRock Cafe Singapore)

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