Friday, December 14, 2007

rubbish award

this is one literal rubbish award!

i was just reading The New Paper, 13 Dec 2007, page 8, "I decline free coffee - cleaning is my job".  where 22 cleaners were selected to receive the Best Cleaner Award in their various CDC. i thought that was really a good thing, to appreciate and recognise such people who work tirelessly everday to keep our city clean. one was assigned about 6km stretch of road to clean a day. that's one long road to clean!

but guess what? the trophy that each of them get are to be stored in their employer's  office! huh?!? they can't even keep and bring home their own trophy man! who knows, it might even be recycled for next year! and you know what's the worst part? THAT'S ALL THEY GET! that's so crappy! talk about appreciation. to quote Mr Khaja, who received his award from SM Goh, "Giving us some money or supermarket vouchers would have been even better." so what's the difference be the best cleaner and the worst? a trophy that you can't bring home! at least give him a vacuum cleaner man...

this award is rubbish! 


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