Thursday, December 13, 2007

broken away

27 more days before i leave for sweden.

and i'll be busy till the day i leave for sweden. and i'm gng to be busier after that. and i think i'll actually be busy till the day i die. welcome to my life... been digging simple life lately. they're a good band. just love their songs.

anycase, i've just broken away. from exams (woohoo..) & the breakaway camp! it was awesome! i barely slept throughout the camp. on the first night, i busy finalizing the mission x, preparing the next day's service and doing up the summary video for day one to be played in the service at night. then day 2 night was our anticipated mission x!

it was really exicitng as everyone was told that mission x was cancelled and some even went home because of that. and after which we had a surprise meteor attack on the campers. too bad, adriel (our video guy) didn't really manage to capture the whole meteor shower.

mission x was a rocking event which got the campers to be led around the school blindfolded, playing various games and eating wierd stuffs (my favourite part! heh..) ! but some of them really enjoyed munching them. it ended with a free-for-all team war game. i must say, it was mission accomplished! and that night, it ended at 5am!

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Summary Videos:

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