Monday, December 03, 2007

andre & janice wedding

congrats on getting hitched!

it was a nice wedding. my first time attending one by the sea. and it was lovely. it's my dream wedding too. i once thought of having it in bali, ferrying my guest over and giving them a night's stay, IF i do have that adundance of cash to spare. but sentosa sounds like a good alternative too. we'll see when the time comes... ;)

jason and i helped andre write his special song item, 4 days before the actual event in 2 hours while rehearsing for another song that he wanna do. and all this in the midst of my examinations with a paper the following day and 2 on the day after his wedding. well, that's what friends are for right? it was a nice song, andre wrote the poem, jason and i came up with the melody and tune. and of course, it was rock style. heh.. but it was nice.

ok. i've got one more paper to go. with that, my semester comes to an end. but it all just seems so fast. it's been a long and hectic year for me, i felt as though i've just settled in to 2007 and now it's coming to an end. life's just moving too fast for me. and the next thing i know it, i'll be in sweden. that will be another interesting journey...

and here are the clips to the wedding... lovely isn't it?

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