Tuesday, December 18, 2007

season of giving?

this year, my christmas shopping has mellowed down. not much hype as the past few years. 2 main reasons. one having no cash this season. it's been a tight, busy and rough going year this time around. but i guess the main reason cos none of my friends really have the habit of blessing others with gifts during this time of the year. for the past few years, i've been really excited and constantly getting gifts for my friends, but nothing in return from most of them year after year. it gets kinda disappointing. but oh well, like they always say, you can't expect everyone to be and think like you. but i'll definitely get cards for my friends. though poor & disappointed, i'm still a giving person! ;)

so this year, i'll just concentrate on my darling and the various gift exchange programmes that i'm invovled in. it's still gng to be a great christmas nonetheless, and busy of course.

with all the christmas celebrations, end year celebrations and the meeting up with my friends, this dec will be especially busy.

btw, do check out the videos of DreamFactory past performances which i just uploaded on youtube, check them out here, http://youtube.com/kennethjayden.

here's one of the videos...

DreamFactory - Witness (Live @ HardRock Cafe Singapore)

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Friday, December 14, 2007

rubbish award

this is one literal rubbish award!

i was just reading The New Paper, 13 Dec 2007, page 8, "I decline free coffee - cleaning is my job".  where 22 cleaners were selected to receive the Best Cleaner Award in their various CDC. i thought that was really a good thing, to appreciate and recognise such people who work tirelessly everday to keep our city clean. one was assigned about 6km stretch of road to clean a day. that's one long road to clean!

but guess what? the trophy that each of them get are to be stored in their employer's  office! huh?!? they can't even keep and bring home their own trophy man! who knows, it might even be recycled for next year! and you know what's the worst part? THAT'S ALL THEY GET! that's so crappy! talk about appreciation. to quote Mr Khaja, who received his award from SM Goh, "Giving us some money or supermarket vouchers would have been even better." so what's the difference be the best cleaner and the worst? a trophy that you can't bring home! at least give him a vacuum cleaner man...

this award is rubbish! 


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Thursday, December 13, 2007

broken away

27 more days before i leave for sweden.

and i'll be busy till the day i leave for sweden. and i'm gng to be busier after that. and i think i'll actually be busy till the day i die. welcome to my life... been digging simple life lately. they're a good band. just love their songs.

anycase, i've just broken away. from exams (woohoo..) & the breakaway camp! it was awesome! i barely slept throughout the camp. on the first night, i busy finalizing the mission x, preparing the next day's service and doing up the summary video for day one to be played in the service at night. then day 2 night was our anticipated mission x!

it was really exicitng as everyone was told that mission x was cancelled and some even went home because of that. and after which we had a surprise meteor attack on the campers. too bad, adriel (our video guy) didn't really manage to capture the whole meteor shower.

mission x was a rocking event which got the campers to be led around the school blindfolded, playing various games and eating wierd stuffs (my favourite part! heh..) ! but some of them really enjoyed munching them. it ended with a free-for-all team war game. i must say, it was mission accomplished! and that night, it ended at 5am!

for those who are interested here are some of the camp links:

AZ Camp Breakaway Mutiply Photos
AZ Camp Breakaway Blog
AZ Camp Breakaway Facebook Event


Summary Videos:

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i'm assuming that yq is tagging me. so let's just play along anyway. ;) (here's her blog entry abt it)

Rules of the game: Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

1. i used to have a talking parrot. i was really young and all i can remember is that it can say hello. xP

2. i used to follow my grandma for taichi lessons in the morning.

3. i'm a classical pianist. was.

4. i love attending symphonic concerts.

5. i used to bully someone who's twice my height and 5 times my size. but now we're friends. ;)

6. my 1st bike accident was on the second day after getting my license. i skidded while cornering.

7. my secod bike accident was on my way to donate blood. of which it was donated to the roads instead.

8. my toilet read is the new paper.

9. i'm not a boxer guy.

10. my dog is gay.

i tag:

- my darling!
- k13
- daniel chye
- mei sin
- ting zen
- jin de

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Monday, December 03, 2007

andre & janice wedding

congrats on getting hitched!

it was a nice wedding. my first time attending one by the sea. and it was lovely. it's my dream wedding too. i once thought of having it in bali, ferrying my guest over and giving them a night's stay, IF i do have that adundance of cash to spare. but sentosa sounds like a good alternative too. we'll see when the time comes... ;)

jason and i helped andre write his special song item, 4 days before the actual event in 2 hours while rehearsing for another song that he wanna do. and all this in the midst of my examinations with a paper the following day and 2 on the day after his wedding. well, that's what friends are for right? it was a nice song, andre wrote the poem, jason and i came up with the melody and tune. and of course, it was rock style. heh.. but it was nice.

ok. i've got one more paper to go. with that, my semester comes to an end. but it all just seems so fast. it's been a long and hectic year for me, i felt as though i've just settled in to 2007 and now it's coming to an end. life's just moving too fast for me. and the next thing i know it, i'll be in sweden. that will be another interesting journey...

and here are the clips to the wedding... lovely isn't it?

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