Saturday, November 10, 2007

swede dreams...

ok.. for those yet to know, i'm heading for sweden in jan till dec. yup 1 full year.i'm currently in the NUS Overseas College ( ) programme and will be working there full-time for a start-up company as well as taking modules after work at the partner university, Royal Institute of Technology ( ).

i have mixed feeling going over there for a year. firstly, i'm really excited and looking forward to it as it's always been my dream to go for an overseas exchange programme. actually back in my poly days, i was offered a to go australia for one semester to work as part of my internship. but i rejected it as i had some personal commitments to attend to during that period of time. it's a long story, but it was worth it and i really thank God for this opportunity to go to sweden!

but then again, i'll be leaving all my family, friends, cellgroup and darling behind.. :.( but it's just for a year, so it's no that bad, i guess..

and most ppl's been asking me, "then peiyun how?". that's so discriminating, everyone cares for the girl and no one asks about me. gender discrimination! anycase, like that lor.. just carry on and be normal? there's skype and all.. and hopefully, my family, with peiyun, can come over during the june holidays! and maybe can go for short back packing trip around europe! maybe.. ;) it's also an opportunity to have a long-distance relationship. makes our relationship more exciting! heh..

and the end of it all, i think it'll be a great experience. swedish meatballs, here i come!

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