Thursday, October 18, 2007

holi-day or horror-day?

finally, i managed to "force" myself to go on a "holiday".

i'll be gng to bangkok over the weekend with my family. 8 of us. yes 8 (not including bowie lim)! my family has kinda "expanded". that's cos the partners of my siblings and mine are tagging along. one big happy family. if my grandma weren't gng to cameron highland with her tai chi friends this weekend, that would make 10 of us, including my aunt. if you're wondering, yes i think my grandma's quite happening, to go on a holiday with her tai chi friends! i don't even have tai chi friends, not to mention holiday with them. and if you're wondering again, no i don't think they're gng there to do tai chi, at least not just tai chi alone... xP

so why the "force" and "holiday" you may ask. well, to start of with, i'm skipping school on fri, getting cj to help preach for me for cg and missing service. that alone is one big grey area which not many has ventured into. for record sake and before i get quoted wrongly, i've got all the necessary approval needed. just fyi. ;) so i decided to join my family on this trip even though i really can't afford the time for it. and if i do wait for a time when i'm free, i guess the only holiday i'm gng to is heaven. as a matter of fact, i'm constantly in a perpetual state of busyness. so that's why i need to "force" myself to spend some time with my family, to go on a "holiday".

and it's a "holiday" cos i have tons of stuffs to settle while i'm away. or rather, i've just created more stuffs for me to settle now that i'm gng on a "holiday". cos i'll have to finish a project due this fri, 2 weekly online assignments by sun night, do my tutorials for following monday and prepare a presentation for tue. that means i have to finish all that by thurs night before i leave!

happy horrorholiday..

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