Friday, October 26, 2007

Bangkok Trip 07

yes. i'm back to reality.

it was a rather fruitful trip. refreshing i would say.

so did i manage to finish up all that i had to on thurs? err.. not really. but managed to complete 1 of my online assignment. ;)

work i have with me always, but bangkok shopping trip i have not always. so i went with a happy heart and had a great time there with my one big happy family!

i went there with 3 main objectives:
- to shop
- to eat
- to get a thai massage!

and bangkok meet all my expectations. we traveled mainly via the skytrain . it took us to everywhere we wanted to go. we basically roamed around 3 places,Siam Square, Mahboonkrong (MBK) and Chaktuchak weekend market (jj). but 80% of ourmy shopping time was spent at Chaktuchak. it's THE place to shop when you go bangkok! you can get tons of stuffs there at low prices. by default, you should aim to slash the prices to half of what they quote. ;)

for the food, there was actually an ultra cheap steamboat buffet just opposite my hotel @ 89 bahts per person. that's like S$3.80 per person!! but we didn't got for that as buffet kinda takes up alot of time, and shopping was priority! xP but i did get to eat my dunkin donuts. yummy!

and on the 2nd night, we went out to get our thai massage. and my masseuse was this experienced "ah ma". she's power man! after the normal massage, she did some powerful twisting moves and finally ended off by inverting me at a 45 degrees angle with my head at the bottom and giving me a head massage. shiok man.

do check out the pics and videos..

bangkok rocks. my family might be gng back there again at the end of the year. round two! ;)

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