Tuesday, March 20, 2018

iPhone iCloud Keychain not syncing

So recently my iPhone stopped syncing my keychain information from my Macbook.

I've tried updating my iOS on my iPhone to the latest & OS on my Macbook to the latest, but that didn't help.

Nothing from apple support pages (https://support.apple.com/en-sg/HT203783) helped too.

I was almost going to use another password manager to store my passwords that could sync. I was starting to use google to save my new passwords.

Then I chanced upon this thread (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8187366). Specifically this post:
"I did have some luck removing one device from my iCloud. In this case, I removed my MacBook Pro because I didn't want to re-do all my Apple Pay cards on my iPhone. But, when I did this, it triggered some kind of re-authorization of all my existing devices. So I basically had to re-enter my password on all my devices, and once that was done my iCloud passwords started synchronizing again. I don't know if it will stay that way, but we'll see."

I didn't have any spare device that I could remove from my iCloud, so I added a spare iPhone I had at home to my existing iCloud by signing into my iCloud using that spare iPhone.

And that did the trick! I can ditch my plans to use another password manager.

Hope that helps.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Safari 8.0.7 Don't show more alerts from this webpage

In this version of Safari 8.0.7, it allows you to mute alerts from a webpage that is repeatedly showing JavaScript alerts. The JavaScript alert dialog has 2 new visible changes
  1. The title now shows "From [webpage_name]"
  2. A checkbox with the text “Don’t show more alerts from this webpage”

To be more precise, the checkbox with the text “Don’t show more alerts from this webpage” will only appear when a confirm or alert box is triggered multiple times. Checking the box will mute future alerts from the page. This allows you to mute alerts from pages that either accidentally show the same alert over and over, or use alerts as an attempt to prevent you from leaving the page.

When it first occurred, I got curious and decided to test out this new feature. Unfortunately there isn't a setting in the preferences of Safari to enable back the alert boxes.

After some trial and error, I found out you could enable them back by:

  1. Closing all browsers on that page and loading them again
  2. Clear the related website data found in the Privacy section (See screenshot below)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mac Photos Flickr upload problem

Recently I upgraded my iPhotos to Photos. As most humans, we tend to be resistant to change. I was quite hesitant about it, but it was a matter of time before iPhotos get phased out and it's about time iPhotos got some upgrade.

I feel more comfortable with the side bar (I also show the side bar for iTunes), but I'm not organising them into albums anymore since they don't have the option for me to sort them. So I'll just stick to the  Moments/Location/Year views.

I also realised the thumbnails (when zoomed out) of my photos look corrupted and they are not reflecting the correct photos. I haven't managed to solve that yet.

But the problem I want to talk about in this post is about uploading to Flickr. I realised that when I right click on the photos to upload them, sometimes they would show the Flickr option and sometimes it wouldn't. After lots of trial and errors, here are what I found out.

Scenarios when the Flickr option wouldn't show:

1. 100 or more photos are selected

100 photos selected

When selecting 99, it has the Flickr option

2. Videos are selected

I also realised that when trying to upload more than 50 photos at 1 go, it causes the upload to hang and no photos get uploaded at all. The sweet spot is any number below 50.


Select less than 50 photos with no videos, and your upload to Flickr should work fine. Hopefully. ;)

Here's my Photos version and I'm running on OS X Yosemite.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Speed up Mouse Tracking on Mac OS X

One of my gripes when using a mac was that I could never get my mouse to track fast enough. Even the highest option available in the System Preferences wasn't fast enough for me. Especially when you're using an external monitor, and if it's quite large, your mouse pad would not be big enough for your mouse to roam in order to get from one corner of your screen to the other.  Generally, I just want to keep my hand movement to minimal. ;) Here is a solution that worked for me.

1. Open a Terminal Window. 

You can Spotlight for "terminal"

2. Check your mouse speed.

Enter the following command to see what your current setting is:

defaults read -g com.apple.mouse.scaling

This will return a numeric value, the speed of your mouse.

3. Set your mouse speed

To speed up (or slow down) your mouse tracking, you can simply change this number accordingly by typing the following command, replacing the “your_mouse_speed” with a new number such as 5.0. Notice that read has been changed to write:

defaults write -g com.apple.mouse.scaling your_mouse_speed

The maximum mouse speed on mac desktops is 3.0 (when maxed out in system preferences). I use 5.0 and it works well for me.

defaults write -g com.apple.mouse.scaling  5.0

You may need to restart your mac to see the changes take effect.

Hope that helps.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dreamweaver CS5 doesn't load on Mac


When trying to start dreamweaver, the application hangs before the splash screen appears. Here is what I mean by the splash screen.

There is an indicator on the dock that shows the application is open and the menu only displays the Dreamweaver text and nothing else.

And the application just remains in this state for eternity.

Possible Solutions

I found a few possible solution online from https://forums.adobe.com/thread/628554.

- Disable File Vault (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4790)
- Repair Disk Permissions using Disk Utility (Spotlight for Disk Utility or go navigate using Finder and go to Applications->Utilities->Disk Utility

Unfortunately those solutions didn't work for my situation.

Solution that worked for me

I managed to find a solution from https://wordimpress.com/nothing-happens-when-launching-dreamweaver-cs5-on-mac/

1. First quit Dreamweaver CS5 if you have it launched (or kinda launched)
2. Open Finder and navigation to: Macintosh hd/users/your_user_folder/library/application support/adobe/dreamweaver cs5/en-US/
3. Here you will find the folder "configuration". Rename this folder to ‘configurationOld’ and restart Dreamweaver

What this will do is to force Dreamweaver to create that configuration folder again.

Hopefully one of these solutions will work for you. :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

11.11.11 - A celebration of love

11.11.11 Kenneth Stephanie Wedding

On 11 Nov 2013, we celebrate our holy matrimony of 2 years. It has been an amazing 2 years, making it a total of 9 years of a wonderful friendship together. In the 9 years, we have studied together, did cheerleading, backpacked around Europe, snowboarded, wake boarded, skydived, rode horses, rode elephants, did road trips and of course, got married. It has been an exciting adventure together and we believe greater adventure lies ahead of us!

More than just a celebration of our love, this day is also the celebration of the love of our family and friends who made our wedding so special for us. We are really blessed to have our family and friends, especially those who traveled from overseas, to celebrate this beautiful occasion with us. We are also eternally grateful to our talented and dedicated friends who helped made everything happened for us! A special shout-out to them...

Our entourage:
- Lips, Jeff, Aaron, Clement, Yuantai, Eugene
- Jessica, Cassandra, Glenda, Jaclyn, Michelle, Joanne
You guys were the ones who made the wedding run like clockwork and gave us our dream wedding. Our dream team. We can't say thank you enough for all the time, effort and expenses you've put in. We love you guys!

- Eric, Careen, Jeff, Ryan, Janice, Michelle, Jag, Andre. 
Thanx for amazing years of rocking friendship and helping us to rock the night out! \m/

- Kenneth, Bob, Alvin, Johan. 
Thanx for capturing the magical moments so beautifully guys. Thanx Alvin for the amazing overseas shoot and the great adventure while we were at it. ;)

Wedding coordinators:
- Yilun, Zhenying
Thank you for all the tips and awesome coordination skills that have really helped make our wedding a smooth and beautiful one. We couldn't have been in better hands than you!


Pre-Wedding Europe Photos [by Alvin Lim]
Pre-Wedding Studio Photos [by Golden Horse Bridal Studio]
Wedding Day (Gate-Crash) [by FreshFromKenneth]
Wedding Day (Holy Matrimony) [by FreshFromKenneth]
Wedding Day (Chinese Banquet) [by FreshFromKenneth]
Wedding Photos [by Johan Mathson]
Wedding Day [by FlashBob]

Photo Booth Photos

With lots of love and hugs and kisses,
Kenneth and Stephanie

Monday, April 22, 2013

Planning the biggest day of your life. (d'Love Affair)

The greatest thing that can happen is when two individuals come together to live life as one. And we want to make that special day as memorable as possible. But it's not just about that wedding day itself, it's about the days, weeks and months leading up to it. Like they say, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

Planning for your big day is as important as your big day itself. That's why it's essential to have someone with experience and creativity to help you plan and execute that magical moment of your life. d'Love Affair will do just that for you. They are a wedding planning company based in Singapore who will assist couples in planning and executing everything related to your wedding. From brainstorming for ideas/themes, to booking of venues and planning your overseas photoshoot or honeymoon. We were really glad that we started planning for our wedding really early, more than a year in advance. That gave us time to think, plan and book all the various aspect of our wedding. This really helped make our preparations a wonderful journey as a couple as we planned for the next phase of our lives.

For more help and details about wedding planning and d'Love Affair, you can find them at the following sites:

Here's an inspiration for your wedding, our wedding MTV. :)

Two is Better Than One